Restaurant Day

The core idea:
Sell homemade food and pastries to raise money.

Restaurant Day is a day when anyone can prepare and sell food for money.  It is a very simple way to raise money as no paperwork, licences or such are needed.

  • Decide what to sell: pastries, hot food, or what?Vaasa restday 1
  • Decide where to sell: in a busy location attracting many customers, inside or outside?
  • Decide where to donate the raised money – or to raise money for club activities?
  • Needed: Work effort from the club on the day as well as beforehand (cooking and preparing takes time!)
  • Has been organized at least by Rotaract Helsinki, Oulu Rotaract, and Rotaract Vaasa.

IMG_5748 Oulu restday
Photos by Rotaract VaasaRotaract Helsinki, and Oulu Rotaract Club

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