Project Bank

Here you can find examples and inspiration for future projects!

Restaurant Day

The core idea: Sell homemade food and pastries to raise money. How: Restaurant Day is a day when anyone can prepare and sell food for money.  It is a very simple way to raise money as no paperwork, licences or such are needed. Decide what to sell: pastries, hot food, or what? Decide where to … Continue reading Restaurant Day

Scholarship for students

The core idea: To support and recognize young students for their studies. How: Contact schools of your desired level in order to co-operate with them Decide on the amount of the scholarship and how many scholarships are you able to donate Decide on the prerequisites for the receiver and share those with the co-operating school so … Continue reading Scholarship for students

Rotary Mentors

The core idea: Learn from the experienced in your area of profession How: Suggest your sponsor or any other Rotary Club to start a mentoring program with your Rotaract Club Link together a Rotarian and a Rotaractor who share a common or similar profession Have the mentor and mentee set up meetings for mentoring or organize larger … Continue reading Rotary Mentors


The core idea: Raise money for those in need of emergency shelter. How: Contact ShelterBox tuki ry for co-operation and assistance if needed Come up with an idea for raising funds or collect money on the street (licence for collecting money ends 27.7.2016) One box costs 750 € and you will receive a code that allows your … Continue reading ShelterBox

Helping the elderly

The core idea: To brighten the days of the elderly How: Contact elderly care homes in order to co-operate with them If possible, organize some program for the elderly (singing, music, bingo, etc) Could be a one-day project or a continuous project (e.g. once a month) This project could be also targeted to shelter homes or refugee … Continue reading Helping the elderly

Buy One More

The core idea: To collect food supplies and/or essentials to be donated to social foundations. How: Contact supermarkets, shopping centers or such in order to co-operate with them Contact an organization where you wish to donate the collected goodAsk them to give you a specified list of desired items that they need Dry food items, little … Continue reading Buy One More

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