Founding a new club?

Would your Rotary Club be interested in chartering a new Rotaract club? Here are three easy steps for Rotarians:

If you are a young adult and could be interested in founding a local Rotaract club in your area, let us or your local rotary know and we can support you!

1. Research. Form a Rotaract committee in your club to see if your club is interested in sponsoring a new Rotaract Club and committing to the responsibilities. Research the community’s base of young adults.

2. Find (15) potential Rotaractors: e.g. Rotary Youth Exchange students, RYLA participants, Rotary family members, university students … anyone is a potential member!

3. Info event: Invite the potential members to an informative event to learn more about Rotaract.  Invite also Rotaract members from other clubs to share their stories! Keep in mind that  a minimum of 15 charter members is recommended to establish a new Rotaract club. It is not a mission impossible!

More details available in the Rotaract Handbook.

** Would your club like to become a registered association?
Please ask for model rules from us! **

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